Will Ta Mum is the 55th ethnic groups of Vietnam

Workshop on "Studying the name of Ta Mun" by the National Institute of the Central Committee for Ethnic Minorities held on 8-10 in Binh Phuoc said in Binh Phuoc province with 234 households, 1,143 people Mun live mainly in Tan Hiep Hon Quan.

Ethnic Ta Mun not named in the 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam, but a number of scientific research projects at home and abroad are referring to this group of people. For Binh Phuoc province, in 2009, brought this ethnic division of ethnic S'Tieng.

Ta Mun in Binh Phuoc no scripts, just keeping his own voice of Mon Khmer language, close to the national language of Choro. Last time Binh Phuoc province still settle for ethnic Ta Mun Mun is our nation in the papers. Over the years the Ta Mun in Binh Phuoc always recommend is recognized and named in the list of ethnic groups in Vietnam.

At the seminar, he thing over, head of the National Committee of Binh Phuoc province, would soon have national name recognition for people Ta Mun accordance with the criteria and regulations, especially the scientific basis for ethnic people Mun in Binh Phuoc.

By Bùi Liêm
Source http://tuoitre.vn/

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