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Dalat, a thousand flower city
Dalat, a thousand flower city
From 26 to 28 January 2018, the Festival of Cherry Blossoms, Tuyen Lam - Dalat in 2018 will be held at the Tuyen Lam Lake Tourist Area, Da Lat City and the surrounding areas Lam Dong Province. The opening ceremony of the Dalat Flower Festival, Tuyen Lam - Dalat 2018 associated with the ceremony of announcing the decision to recognize the Tuyen Lam Lake National Park and receiving the title of Dalat City as "Environmentally Sustainable City ASEAN will take place at 8h30 January 27 at the Sacom Resort between Tuyen Lam Lake peninsula.

Why should you go to Da Lat now?
Come to Da Lat this occasion, tourist can have a chance to relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the flower city. Especially, the most public spaces which attract crowds to admire, smell and photograph the cherry blossom trees in Xuan Huong Lake and Tuyen Lam lake.

Beside that, tourist can join many special activities will be organized such as special art program with the theme "Da Lat Spring - Cherry Blossom Season", water music performances, gala music gala night, antique car show and mink coffee enjoy... a lot of activities is waiting for you discover and enjoy.

In addition, the festival also has some interesting programs such as enjoying the Cherry Blossom in Dalat City and Tuyen Lam Lake Tourist Park, visiting the garden of light, watching Lavender flowers, visiting flowering flowers and fishing contest, introducing Japanese Cherry Blossom space at Hoa Son Dien Trang Resort.

It is known that the Cherry Blossom Space Project at Tuyen Lam Lake National Tourist Area, Dalat was launched in 2009 with the scale of more than 100 hectares, of which 25 hectares are invested by the state and about 30 hectares by businesses. travel here. In addition, Da Lat's inner city has more than 3,000 cherry blossom trees, mainly concentrated around Xuan Huong Lake, Tran Hung Dao Street and many other roads. Cherry blossoms have started to spread in the streets of the city. Da Lat, especially around Xuan Huong Lake and in residential areas, attracted many tourists to visit, take photos. This year, with favorable weather promises a brilliant cherry blossom season, the destination can not be ignored by visitors to Dalat.

Together with Dalat Flower Festival, Dalat’s Cherry Blossom Festival - Dalat in 2018 is the occasion to affirm Da Lat - Flower City of Vietnam.

Come and discover !

Post: Tuyet Truong, Photo: An Bui
Vietnam Travel Agency

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