Vietnamese’s dishes make foreigners love

Pho Bo - Beef noodle
Pho Bo - Beef noodle
Cuisine is one of the factors that attract international visitors to Vietnam, including many dishes are loved and praised.

First, Pho

Pho in Vietnam is praised by magazines American that is the most dishes visitors should try it when come to Vietnam. Because Pho is very delicious and provide more nutrition for human. It combined between protein and vegetables, balance between all flavor and good for health. Especially, after a drunk night with friends, men should eat an bowl of Pho to recover their health. This dish was also brought by many Vietnamese to other countries. Almost every country with a Vietnames community live, you can find a noodle shop.

Secondly, Vietnamese Bread

Bread is a typical example of Vietnamese cuisine. It is a blend and harmonious combination of ingredients, spices and cultures. Bread with crispy crust, rich kernel. Anyone can find a type of bread suitable for their taste.

Thirdly, Bún Chả

It includes noodles, roasted meat on the charcoal, fried “nem”, eaten with sweet and sour sauce and vegetables.

Former President Obama and chef Bourdain enjoy “Bun cha” in Hanoi and praise. However, this dish has been the foreign visitors to Vietnam favorite before.

Fourly, Spring rolls

The thin layer of rice paper rolls outside the herbs, shrimp, meat, then dip with sweet and sour sauce. Southern versions include pork, green bananas, carrots and peanut sauce.

This dish is rated by food experts as having a perfect balance between flavor and ingredients.

And VietnameseCoffee

Visitors come to Vietnam always talk to each other try one cup of Vietnamese coffee.

Because the flavor of it is so different from other countries. In Vietnam, people usually use pure coffee, thus it is so bitter and can cause insomnia. But, foreigners like to taste a cup of coffee with milk, sugar in small streets in Vietnam and feel the lifestyle of Vietnamese people.

If you would like to come to Vietnam, do not forget to taste one of these dishes, I bet you will be surprised with the flavor they bring to you.

Article: Tuyet Truong, Photo: Viet Ventures
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