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Trade And Play Flowers of Vietnamese’s Traditional Tet - Photo An Bui
Trade And Play Flowers of Vietnamese’s Traditional Tet - Photo An Bui
Tet holiday in Vietnam is associated with the habit of playing flowers. In the early days of the new year, each family chooses to have a flower pot, a branch of apricot or peach to display in the house as a fun holiday Tet, and also for the purpose that bring good luck to the landlord.

It is because of that custom that when the spring is coming, the flower business grow stronger than other days of the year. They formed flower villages, flower markets in some western provinces. Notably, Tan Quy Dong - Sa Dec, Phuoc Dinh - Vinh Long, Cai Mon - Ben Tre, Thoi Nhut - Can Tho, My Tho - Tien Giang.

It is no coincidence that the flower villages are concentrated in the west but not elsewhere. Geographically, in the west, there are many rivers and canals, which are convenient for irrigation, fertile alluvial soil, which help the tree to grow, people around the year living by farming, experienced in farming, irrigation, fertilizing flowers. So there are many flower villages in the West and famous for now, each new year is back, flower villages attract many tourists and local people to visit and shop.

To care for a flower pot, the gardener must pay attention to pruning leaves, irrigation at the right time, so that people buy before the New Year and put it in the home, so that flowers bloom on the occasion of a New Year.

The play of Tet flowers of the Vietnamese as a simple art that is elegant. Tet is coming, no matter how busy, but people always go to flower market just to enjoy and see the flower pots full color to feel the atmosphere of Tet. Flower players want more. Ornamental flower pots must have enough different criteria. The name of the flower must mean the meaning they desire. For example: Cat Tuong means luck, all things fair, Van Tho means affluence, longevity, Phat Tai, Kim Ngan means having so much money, gold ... The color of the flowers must also network with the owner, according to Feng Shui five elements, according to traditional concepts. In addition, people choose flowers by age, sex ... Elderly people like apricot, digging because it is strong, noble. Young people like rose, dahlia .. young and dynamic.

For the plants, the players also have to take care of the roots, standing plants. A beautiful tree must have a large, solid, straight, strong, the abundance of its foliage, leaves – buds, expression of luck, wealth, prosperity for homeowners, enough convergence four quarters of the year. Especially, Bonsais. Each bonsai pot is a work of art with big roots, soft bends in the hands of gardeners.

However, in the home of the Vietnamese people can not lack three trees: Mai, Dao and Quat. Hoa Mai is a symbol of New Year in the South, meaning good luck, prosperous for the new year. Hoa Dao and Quat are symbols of Tet in the North, symbolizing innovation, proliferation, considered the essence of the Five Elements. the folk concept, Quat tree is a symbol of health, peace, longevity and luck in love.

Thus, in the air between the earth and sky in the spring, the flowers, branches in the home give the family vitality, fortune and the most beautiful in the new year. Playing flowers and plants on Tet holiday has become the traditional life of Vietnamese people, not only bring spiritual meaning but also beauty in the soul of Vietnamese. A flower garden brings spring coming. A branch of flowers bring more fortune for the New Year.

Coming to Vietnam on New Year, visitors can bring a bunch of apricot, peach or Phat Tai mini pot as souvenir and enjoy the fun of Vietnamese flowers, bring spring from Vietnam to their country

Flower plantation in Tan Quy Dong, Dong Thap - Photo An Bui
Flower plantation in Tan Quy Dong, Dong Thap - Photo An Bui

Flower plantation in Tan Quy Dong, Dong Thap - Photo An Bui
Flower plantation in Tan Quy Dong, Dong Thap - Photo An Bui

Post: Tuyet Truong, Photo: An Bui

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