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If you come to lantern city of Vietnam – Hoi An, you need to do following things. If not, you will be so regretting to missing it.

Walking on street
Hoi An is famous about lanterns, in nights, people always hang lanterns in front of their house. And the light from its is highlight features of the city.

Young people like to walk along the street, take photos, some visitors like to taste a cup of hot tea to enjoy the peaceful here.

Listening “Bai choi” music
“Bai Choi” is kind of folk music combined with folk game in Hoi An city, it appeared for a long time ago and maintain up to now.

Musician often sit and play music with traditional instruments. Visitors can buy card and play with them. The way to win that is what the singer sing match with your card. This is unique art form of Vietnamese.

Sitting boat on Hoai river and drop flower lights.
In Hoi An, there are festival “drop flower lights” in 1st and 15 th Lunar each month. So, If you want to discover the whole of Hoi An, you need to come over here in this occasion. It definitely make you have more unforgettable memories.

Eating in Hoi An
One thing is not less important that food of this city – city of central in Vietnam.

It is not difficut to find a street vendor who sells local food very delicious with soft price.

You will sit near riverside Hoai with wood chair and table so simple for guests but you will feel warmest and ancient peace air.

Visitors need to try some food like: sweet soup, Quang noodle, chicken with rice…

Night market in Hoi An
At nights, many souvenir shop will open on Nguyen Hoang Street.

Visitors can buy some gift for relatives and friends.

All products made by hands, popular things as silk bags, bracelaces, colorful lanterns…They are special gift in Hoi An.

Why do not you go there for the next holiday?

Hoi An – lantern city always welcome you !

Lantern shop in Hoian
Lantern shop in Hoian

Hoian walking street
Hoian walking street

Eating in Hoian
Eating in Hoian

Article: Ngoc Tuyet - Photo An Bui

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